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September 2007 Edition. 
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The High Chaparral Newsletter
Kicking yourself for missing The High Chaparral Reunion? You've still got a chance to meet your favorite stars at these upcoming events!

Wild Western Festival
September 28-30
Phoenix, Arizona
Don Collier, Bob Hoy, Ted Markland

Rex Allen Days
October 4-7
Wilcox, Arizona
Bob Hoy, Don Collier, and many other western stars

High Chaparral Radio

High Chaparral Broadcasts

Reunion Special
Mark Your Calendar

This year's HC reunion was one of a kind, and now you can hear it for yourself. Guests shared their memories and love for The High Chaparral with Susan McCray, who edited her interviews together to produce a 90 minute 40th Anniversary reunion special for Don't miss Tuesday, October 2 for this very special Hollywood event at 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Pacific, 9:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Eastern.

The promotion currently airing for the show features the main title from the David Dortort MOW/pilot "Hunter's Moon", composed by The High Chaparral composer Harry Sukman. Enjoy the promo and remember to tune in for the High Chaparral 40th Anniversary Reunion special hosted by Susan McCray.

Hear the Promo!

6:00 P.M. TO 7:30 P.M. PACIFIC TIME
9:00 P.M. TO 10:30 P.M. EASTERN TIME

Getting to Know Harry Sukman
Sept. 4 & 11

KSAV's new season opens with two very special Getting to Know You shows on September 4 and 11, featuring Susan McCray's father, Harry Sukman. As the composer of the score for The High Chaparral episodes, Mr. Sukman's work in Chaparral's The Champion of the Western World earned an Emmy nomination, as well as giving us individual music for each of our favorite performers. "My father gave each character his or her own theme, thereby identifying them," Susan says. "All the actors loved having their own theme. Even the guest stars had one."

Besides our favorite show, Sukman contributed music for many TV shows and movies you'll be sure to remember. Don't miss the show, and be sure to email Susan your thoughts or questions before the pre-recorded broadcast at

High Chaparral Music Quote

Susan McCray shares a quote from her father about the music he wrote for The High Chaparral. This quote is displayed
with his memorabilia and Steinway Grand Piano in the Harry Sukman Foyer at the University of Hartford in Hartford, CT.
Click Here to Listen

High Chaparral on the Web

The Official High Chaparral website
The High Chaparral Reunion website
Don Collier
Henry Darrow
Bob Hoy
Ted Markland
Susan McCray
Rudy Ramos
Mark Slade
Out West Entertainment
The incredible 40th Anniversary High Chaparral Reunion was a huge success, and with guests like Kent McCray, Henry Darrow, Bob Hoy, and Don Collier, it was truly a once in a lifetime event. Many newsletter articles will follow based on the generous stories and behind-the-scenes tales provided by the guests, but this special post-reunion edition focuses on:
* Up-to-date news of our favorite stars
* A recap of a few of the guest stars, production crew, and family members who joined loyal fans in L.A. to celebrate The High Chaparral
* Upcoming events where YOU can meet High Chaparral stars
* An audio broadcast of interviews taped at the reunion

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High Chaparral News
Lights, Camera, Action!
They're not getting older, they're getting better...

Ted Markland has been cast in a TV series. Titled The Benvenuti Family , the show concerns a Mafia family and their style of life.
Ted plays the head of the rival Mercado family. Though his character is in prison, he has been assured this role will give him plenty to sink his teeth into.
(guess he won't get to wear his cowboy hat.)
Go here to read more about the show:

Rudy Ramos has a lead role in an independent film titled Mr. Sadman. Rudy says he's very excited to be working with the creative team that is putting this comedy together. Read more about it on the website: and to watch the trailer click here.

Don Collier has had two meetings regarding movie offers in the last few days. One part is being written especially for him. He has another meeting with a producer in LA next week - good thing he was coming into town for the reunion!

High Chaparral Reunion Guest List

Guest Stars

Malachi Throne guest starred on Chaparral three times: as Matar in Bad Day for a Bad Man , and in Part One and Two of New Lion of Sonora as Julio Armendaris. Though we know him as a bandido, Malachi has played every type of character imaginable. Did you know he turned down the role of Dr. McCoy on the orginial Star Trek? Visit his official website here.
Still dashing 40 years after his HC role, Mr. Throne made a point of socializing with all the fans at the reunion.

Greg Walcott had 2 performances on The High Chaparral - Truscott in No Bugles, No Drums , and Captain Winslow in Auld Lang Syne. Greg appeared on Bonanza 7 times! Rawhide fans saw him 5 times, and Laramie episodes numbered 4. The work on Rawhide must have established a bond with Clint Eastwood, because Greg appeared in 4 Eastwood movies. Greg is as handsome as ever, with silver white hair, and a lovely smile. His smooth, southern drawl is enchanting, especially when he says every Chaparral fan is a, "beautiful, lovely woman." His wife beamed and encouraged hugs, saying her husband gave great ones - and he did indeed!

Morgan Woodward's official website is here. He was a guest on Chaparral on seasons 2, 3 and 4 in the episodes Buffalo Soldiers, The Journal of Death and The Badge. But Gunsmoke wins the prize for having Morgan appear 19 times! He rode the Wagon Train for 12 episodes and visited the Ponderosa on 8 occasions. Morgan and Don Collier both appeared in the made for TV movie Gunsmoke: To the Last Man. They each played sheriffs. Joining the reunion halfway through because of fires near his home, Morgan was so impressed by the brunch and arrangements he tried to insist on paying. "I've never seen anything like this party," he said. "No other fan group puts on anything like this, and I go to all of them. I can't believe the following High Chaparral has, and I appreciate so much being included."
Jack Lilley was the stunt double for Leif Erickson on The High Chaparral. In this photo from April 2007, Jack (right) inducts Phil Rawlins (also a guest at the High Chaparral Reunion) in City of Santa Clarita's 2007 Walk of Western Stars. Check out the website for Jack's company, Movin' On Livestock. Jack and his son Clay supply horses, mules and wagons for movies and TV.

Milt Hamerman did casting for Bonanza before before he went to work for The High Chaparral. In between he did casting for the TV series Hogan's Heroes.

Susan McCray worked in the casting office of The High Chaparral. Today we know her as the host of the internet radio show Getting to Know You with Susan McCray and the author of the children's book about her father, Harry's Piano. Susan's father, Harry Sukman, composed the music for The High Chaparral.

Kent McCray (left, with David Dortort center) began his work in television in 1951 on the Colgate Comedy Hour - when everything was live! He worked with such legends as Red Skelton, Bob Hope, and Dinah Shore. Kent was the associate producer for Outlaws (starring Don Collier) and then for Bonanza before joining The High Chaparral. He was associate producer, and then producer for Little House on the Prairie as well as two other Michael Landon show, Father Murphy and Highway to Heaven.
Kent said about working on High Chaparral, "It would get so hot in Tucson, I'd see ten people all lined up in the shade of one saguaro cactus!"


Anne Erickson, wife of Leif Erickson (Big John), attended with her grandson, BJ McDonald.  (photo by Donna Bush)

Wendy Czarnecki, daughter of executive producer David Dortort, accompanied her father. In the photo at left, Kent McCray and Wendy chat in the background as David Dortort smiles for the camera. (photo by Donna Bush)

Rob Mitchell (center), grandson of Cameron Mitchell, is a fan of the show and his grandfather! He poses here with Malachi Throne (left), a frequent HC guest star, and Milt Hammerman (right), who cast the show.

Camille Mitchell, daughter of Cameron Mitchell (Buck), planned to attend the reunion, but injured her back and had to cancel at the last minute, saying, "I thank you so very very much for your invitation and kind words about my Father. It gives me great joy to know he lives on so lovingly in others people's hearts as well as ours. I wish you and all at the High Chapparal a fantastic reunion! I have such fond memories of all the wonderful talented folks involved with the show and I applaud the hard work involved on your part in orchestrating such a great event - I hope we can get there next year!" An accomplished actress, Camille played Sheriff Nancy Adams on the TV series Smallville.

MANY OTHER guests attended the reunion - all were appreciated and honored for their role in creating The High Chaparral.  Watch for more photos and stories in future newsletters!


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