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Linda Cristal & Son Collaborating on New Business Venture

By Tina Sweet

Linda Cristal

Linda Cristal partnered with her son
Jordan Wexler to create new website.

It’s amazing what you find out when you forward an innocent email. I forwarded one not too long ago to Jordan Wexler, (Linda Cristal’s son), and he brought me up-to-date on a new business venture called is a free online consumer directory, business referral network, education library, and marketing center for consumers, businesses, and service providers. It is a collaboration effort between TV and film star Linda Cristal, best known to all of us as Victoria in The High Chaparral, and her son, lead generation guru Jordan Wexler, who founded and sold internet giants and helps small businesses combat recessionary pressure by uniting them under a single community network divided by zip code. Smart Guy only accepts 3 professionals per category per zip code and lists them in the online consumer directory. Their information is also transmitted to other non-competing professionals within their local area for introduction and alliance building. Each local Smart Guy network consists of up to 1,200 other non-competing local businesses all with the same goal - to provide their community residents with superior service and to unite together to leverage their marketing and referral efforts. is on target to be the national leader in uniting local commerce by connecting people, small businesses and communities.

In addition to the great networking possibilities, also has great business tools and informative articles. Check every day for new articles, tools and other business building strategies and enjoy the synergy of up to 1,200 local service and business professionals seeking to recession-proof their business by joining a business network of top-rated professionals! If you’re a small business owner, visit the site and sign up—it‘s free! If you’re looking for a service provider, check it out! Read the article on Linda Cristal that follows. You’ll find it under the “Smart Guys” category along with other articles about people who have made an impact on our society.

Jordan Wexler

Jordan Wexler founded to provide consumers with an advanced local directory of professionals, and to give local small businesses the tools to build their business.

Jordan is quoted as saying, “Our mission is to provide consumers with the most advanced local directory to assist them in making smart choices; to provide local small businesses with the tools and strategic alliances to build their business through referrals; to leverage their marketing and help even the playing field when competing against large national franchises.”

I caught up with Linda and asked her about the new venture. She is very proud of the website they have put together and very proud of Jordan. She said, “Whenever Jordan starts on a project he puts everything he has into it.” I was about to ask her where he gets that from, when she added “I guess he gets that from me.” Linda went on say that her father also had that same drive and determination. So it’s definitely in the genes!

Enjoy the article from about Linda, it's wonderful! Interested in becoming a member of, contact Jordan for more information at:
Jordan Wexler, CEO
Phone: (866) 5 SMARTGUY

photos and article courtesy of Tina Sweet

TV and Motion Picture Star Linda Cristal

Linda Cristal as Victoria Cannon

Linda Cristal as Victoria Cannon
Television and film actress Ms. Linda Cristal starred in more than 50 feature films, but will always be best known for her role as "Victoria" in television's "The High Chaparral.” Unlike most actors, Ms. Cristal retired at the top of her career many years ago, and opted instead to have a family, something she never had growing up.

Sure, she could have been voted into our list of SmartGuy's just for her theatrical achievements; however, most don't know her real story. It is for this that we are honored to put her on our list.

There are those who are poor, and those who are very poor. Ms. Cristal grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the poorest of settings. In fact, her brother died slowly in front of her because they could not afford to give him any medicine. Soon after, both parents died and Linda was orphaned at the age of 13.

For most, that would be the end of their story, but not for Linda. Determined to survive, and with only a 3rd grade education, she began studying day and night.

It wasn't long before actor John Wayne discovered her and asked her to star in his upcoming movie, "The Alamo.” From there, as they say, it was history. Although unable to speak English, she taught herself within a couple months and filmed the "Alamo" with rave reviews. After that, she traveled around the world winning national and international awards for her acting talents. In fact, she stared in films in numerous countries, learning the languages in each as she went. (She currently speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian all fluently).

After retiring from acting in order to raise a family, she focused her energies on investments. She studied very hard and learned the world of business. She invested wisely, and soon made several smart real estate transactions both nationally and internationally, and handled her money wisely. She has since multiplied her estate several times over and now lives very comfortably in Beverly Hills, California, where she enjoys time with her children and grandchildren.

What's next for Ms. Cristal? We visited with her in her Beverly Hills home trying to discover what is it that enabled her to go from such humble beginnings to such success both emotionally and financially. According to Linda, "In a nutshell, when there is no space behind you to fall back, you have to walk forward. You would be surprised how quickly the savings accounts of your achievements add up."

− Article courtesy of, October 2008. Photo courtesy of Tina Sweet.

Now Appearing

High Chaparral on TVAlert fans report The High Chaparral continues to be broadcast around the globe!

From Maureen: In Australia on Fox Classics, Channel 112, November 8th and 9th at 6 pm.  Fingers crossed for our Aussie fans that this is the premier of regular episodes.

From Hazri: In Malaysia, every Thursday at 12:30 pm on TV2

From Plinio: In Chile (and all over South America) on TCM. It's been broadcast throughout South American since November of 2007 at various time of day.



Do you recall in which episode Manolito sang a song for Victoria?


Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya) has a great singing voice. He released a single record, made during The High Chaparral days. The main cut is Little Green Apples. On the flip side, Henry provides hilarious impressions of his fellow actors on El Rancho Grande, in which Manolito tries to get to Tucson, but is waylaid by John, Buck, etc. Fans can listen to samples and get a CD copy personally autographed by Henry here.

In the episode Man to Match the Land, when Buck returns from staying at the Apache camp, Victoria arranges a fiesta to welcome him back, and Manolito grabs a guitar to sing about how he loves 'Fiesta' to her.

Manolito Montoya Sings
Manolito sings to Victoria during her
fiesta celebration in Man to Match the Land

I don't recall ever seeing any of the main cast smoking during the show, did any of the actors smoke? It's good to watch a program where people don't smoke all the while.


In 'real life' on the set - who knows? In that era smoking was common, so some of the actors could have been smokers. There are photos from a fan magazine in this archived newsletter article where some of the actors are on break. The quality of this reproduction is dim, but if you look closely you can see a cigarette in Cameron Mitchell's hand.

In the 4th season episode Wind, rancher Ben Colton smokes a cigar and Will Todd smokes a pipe. As far as I can recall, none of the Chaparral characters are ever shown smoking.

Ranchers from The High Chaparral episode Wind
This screen shot from The High Chaparral episode Wind shows neighboring ranchers Will Todd (Tyler McVey) smoking a pipe on the left, Walt Fraley (Scott Brady) center, and Ben Colton (Mark Tapscott) on the right smoking a cigar.

Does anyone remember the season when Buck has a collision with his brother John and leaves the HC? This theme actually runs for several episodes.

In the 3rd season there is a recurring story line about the purchase of the C-Bar-M ranch by Buck and Manolito. Trouble begins in The Brothers Cannon, when Buck, deciding Big John has disrespected him for the last time, leaves The High Chaparral 'for good'. The brothers reconcile when Blue is injured. The story continues in A Piece of Land when Buck and Manolito purchase their own little ranch, the C-Bar-M, and again in Friends and Partners, as they discover living and working their spread isn't all fun and games.

The C-Bar-M is referenced periodically throughout the season as they buy stock, refer to the cabin, land and water rights.

Buck also leaves the ranch in season one in Widow from Red Rock, and there are other episodes when John refers to him as being a wild card or loner.

Synopsis of episodes with photos are available on The High Chaparral website, and here is a clip of Buck's breaking point from Brother's Cannon:

Cmeron Mitchell and Leif Erickson in The High Chaparral

Buck reaches the breaking point in this scene from Brothers Cannon

Wasn't Mark Slade in Sea Hunt? I remember him in underwater scenes.

Close, but nope!  Mark starred as Taylor Reed in the movie Salty. After their parents are killed in a hurricane, Taylor and his young brother Tim Reed are befriended by a retired owner of a marina in Nassau, and adopted by a sea lion named Salty. The adventures of the Reed family and their mischievous pet sea lion continued in a 1974-75 TV series of the same name. Underwater scenes, including scuba diving on the coral reefs of Nassau, were often featured in the show.

For all Mark Slade fans, here's a clip from the TV series Salty, where we see Mark handle a boat instead of a horse:

Mark Slade in Salty


Video Clip starring Mark Slade in the TV series Salty

Montoya Symbol:

We had a recent batch of questions concerning The High Chaparral brand and Manolito's belt buckle. Thanks to fan Jeanette Milward for providing this great photo with an excellent shot of the signature buckle. For everyone who inquired, here is a brooding Manolito and his flashy logo-buckle:

Manoltio Montoya
Henry Darrow as Manolito Montoya, with the fancy Montoya belt buckle.

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The 2009 High Chaparral Reunion:
Destination Tucson

October 16, 17, 18, 2009
La Posada Hotel & Old Tucson Studios
Tucson, AZ, USA
3 Day Fee $225

Old Tucson Satellite Image
Satellite image of The High Chaparral ranch compound at Old Tucson Studios

Have you always dreamed of seeing The High Chaparral ranch? Now you can, in the company of other fans who love the show - at Old Tucson Studios. And you'll meet the people who made the show great – guests who plan to attend include Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya), Don Collier (Sam Butler), Bob Hoy (Joe Butler), Ted Markland (Reno), Rudy Ramos (Wind), Neil Summers (Stuntman), Kent and Susan McCray (Producer and Casting), Bob Shelton (Creator of Old Tucson Studios), and more.

Don't miss this extraordinary event - Register today to secure your spot at this 42nd anniversary reunion. The list of fans planning to attend is growing daily - we hope to meet you in Tucson at The High Chaparral!

For details and to register visit The High Chaparral Reunion website.

The High Chaparral Reunion will reunite cast, crew and fans at Old Tucson Studios, Arizona's Hollywood in the Desert. Voted Best Western Movie Set by True West magazine, and listed among five one-of-a-kind Tucson sites by USA Today, Old Tucson Studios features film and television shoots throughout the year and daily Wild West entertainment.

Old Tucson Train Station

The C.P. Huntington Train Station: "All Aboard!" The historic C.P. Huntington Locomotive takes you on a tour of Old Tucson for a 15-minute journey into Old Tucson's history.

Old Tucson is rich in western movie and TV history, with just a sampling of titles shot there including MCLINTOCK!, Have Gun Will Travel, Hombre, Bonanza, Death Valley Days, The Outlaw-Josey Wales, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, Little House on the Prairie, Gunsmoke, and of course The High Chaparral. Historical artifacts including one of Linda Cristal's costumes are still on display at the museum. The streets provide an authentic backdrop of a Western town, and don't miss The Reno, Old Tucson's famous 128 year-old locomotive, which has more than 100 film and television credits including the movie remake of Wild, Wild, West.

For a quick tour of the entire park as well as a taste of the surrounding desert, fans can visit the C.P. Huntington Train Station where the historic locomotive takes you on a 15-minute tour of Old Tucson for a journey into history.

As always, comments or questions can be sent to

Susan McCrayGetting to Know You
with Susan McCray

Fans of Getting to Know You with Susan McCray can now listen on their own schedule by subscribing via podcast. Archived and new shows are available on the podcast link on the main website, or directly on the podcast page.

iTunes users can search the iTunes store for Susan McCray, and will find Getting to Know You available for direct free subscription.

Happy Thanksgiving

In the spirit of the season, here's a set of clips from the Thanksgiving episode, For What We Are About To Receive. Best wishes to all of you for a wonderful holiday season with your friends and family.

John and Victoria Cannon


Victoria asks Buck and Blue to get a Turkey for Thanksgiving

John and Victoria Cannon


Victoria tells John he can have his beef roasted, boiled, broiled, etc....but it still won't be turkey.

John and Victoria Cannon


Pedro (Roberto Contreras) rescues a turkey from the Apache

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Linda Cristal's CD Victoria

Linda Cristal CD 'Victoria'.

Chaparral Fan Christmas Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner, what do you have on your wish list? It's surprisingly easy to fill your personal HC fan stocking.

Here are just a few Chaparral items, but the enterprising HC shopper can easily come up with more.

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