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Vincent Falcone Trio

A tribute to my friend
Harry Sukman

Produced by Susan McCray
Available online at

January 15th
Making of Warm Heart, Cool Hands

Mark your calendar for Tuesday January 15th and join pianist/ musical conductor Vincent Falcone and Susan McCray, for a special called Warm Heart, Cool Hands, the Making of a New CD. Hosted by program director and KSAV host Dan White, this special features selections from the CD produced by Susan, of music composed by her father, Harry Sukman, and arranged and performed by the great Vincent Falcone and his trio. Tune in to the special and hear the music and stories about the making of the CD, all on KSAV.org. January 15, 6:30 pm Pacific, 9:30 pm Eastern.
Click here for the Special Promo

Hear Blue's Theme
From Warm Heart...Cool Hands

(click to listen)


Getting to Know You
Carried on NEW Station

Congratulations to Getting to Know You with Susan McCray, Chaparal's favorite radio show, which debuts on a new radio station on January 25th. Fans in the Hartford, CT area can tune in to WWUH, University of Hartford, 91.3 FM, on the last Friday of every month, at 5:30 am. Sister-stations WDJW (Wallingford, CT - 89.9 FM), and WWEB (Somers, CT - 89.7 FM) also carry the show, as does the WWUH.org website.

The first broadcast is our very own Bob Hoy, so listen in to the wonderful interview with High Chaparral's Joe Butler, and be sure to send in an appreciative email to the folks at WWUH. The scheduled lineup is:

1/25 Bob Hoy
2/29 Melissa Gilbert
3/28 Gregory Walcott
4/25 Karen Grassel

Hear the Bob Hoy interview promo by clicking HERE.

Western CD

Sandra Martinez sent us a link to a new CD released by Peter Williams, a UK and European guitar artist. It features classic themes from 50's and 60's western TV and films such as The Magnificent Seven, Have Gun Will Travel, Maverick, Rawhide, Bonanza, Ghost Riders In The Sky, The High Chaparral, High Noon, and Red River Valley. There's information on the artist, a full playlist, sample music, and ordering information on the site here. Nice to see The High Chaparral theme is still considered a classic western theme and being recorded today.

Letters to the Editor

Do you have HC news?
We're always looking for info related to any of the HC cast or crew! Email info@highchaparralnewsletter.com with your HC news.

Chaparral Birthdays

Ted Markland
January 15

Linda Cristal
February 25

Brazilian Fan's memories of 2007 High Chaparral Reunion

I would like of said some words about 2007, To HC Newsletter if possible. In 2007 happened much good things to me. And to my family too.

But happened a thing special. A miracle. A HIgh Chaparral miracle. In 2007 i stay more close of some HC cast and some HC fans. They did talk with me, by my cell phone. And I never.....never I will forget it. Still I can listen all voices to me and still I can listen to my heart beat strong. Emotion and emotion. I am touched still when I remember that Bob and Ted sent to me, 2 pretty autograph photos. Emotion and emotion. And I feel tears fall in my face. I never will forget Sam telling to me "muito obrigado" e Mano telling "mi casa , su casa". Oh my God.........I never....never guess that all this things can hapened some day. MIRACLE. And Joe e Reno with sweet voice, talk with me in English. Both have a melodies voice.

And all of you??? I did talk with Penny, Tanja, Jan and Ginny. All sweet girls to me. Sometimes I guess that all this was a dream. A sweet dream. But it was real. All this hapened in my life. I DID TALK with they. Me, a Brazilian fan. A lovable fan of High Chaparral. I need give all thank to Penny that take your cell phone and did all call of Los Angeles to Brasil, in HC´s reunion. Thank you, mi amiga. You are much special to me. But i would like of thank too Tanja, (by slide show), Jan ( mi primita) and Ginny.

Agradeço de coração pela gentileza de todos vocês, I love all of High Chaparral. I love Blue Cannon. God bless all. Hugs, Jussiara (Jussie) from Brasil.

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Welcome to this issue, and thanks for reading!

The January High Chaparral newsletter brings you these Chaparral items:

  • Mark Slade's official website changes, including an updated photo
  • A new DVD release featuring the work of Henry Darrow
  • Google Books makes available a lengthy interview with Cameron Mitchell
  • The High Chaparral Newsletter Website gets a new look with more photos, quotes, and features
  • Birthdays, Radio interviews, media files, and more!

Who knows where The High Chaparral will turn up next?

Mark Slade Studio
Website Changes

The official website for Mark Slade (High Chaparral's Blue Cannon) has undergone a facelift and sports several new features. With a current photo of the artist, links to new projects, and expanded galleries, the updated site is well worth a visit.

RedactedRedux, a sub-section of the studio website, has been featuring regularly updated cartoon postings by Mark Slade, and also has a notice of The Fables Project, written by Melinda Riccilli Slade and illustrated by Mark Slade, coming in 2008.

The Lone Ranger, Zorro
on DVD

"Hi Yo Silver!"

Two legendary masked men arrived on DVD in The New Adventures of The Lone Ranger & Zorro: Volume 1 on December 18th. Released by BCIEclipse, The 2 disc set contains 11 episodes of The Lone Ranger and 6 episodes of Zorro.

Featuring Henry Darrow as the voice of Zorro, The New Adventures of Zorro chronicles the continuing adventures of Don Diego de la Vega, who rides in the night with his horse Tornado protecting the citizens of Los Angeles from the oppressive rule of Captain Ramon. Produced by Filmation, it aired on CBS in 1981 as part of The Tarzan/Lone Ranger/Zorro Adventure Hour. The DVD set also includes an interview with Lou Scheimer, producer and one of the original founders of Filmantion animation. Purchasing information is here.

Time Magazine,
Friday, Sep. 15, 1967
During premier week 40+ years ago, no one knew which show would become a top 10 hit, as shown in this excerpt from a Time Magazine article:

The new TV season began last week, prompting Johnny Carson to observe that he had not "seen so much excitement since Animal Kingdom did a 90-minute special on the death of a sponge."

Incredibly—perhaps predictably—the three networks, commanding so much money and production facility, failed in the first of two première weeks to contrive anything original, let alone imaginative, for their new dramatic and comedy series. Seven of the new shows are oaters. Now there are 14 of them on the air, and most suffer from hoof-in-mouth disease. High Chaparral (NBC) standing just south of Bonanza's Ponderosa, features Rancher Leif Erickson against Apaches, marauding Mexicans, and a disappointing son who whimpers while he works. ABC has Hondo, an Army trucemaker, some of whose best friends are Apaches, and Custer, which takes scalps from history and Indians in equal number.

How many of those shows that premiered in the fall of 1967 still have a worldwide fan base, a champion race horse named after it, and were able to gather cast, crew and fans to celebrate their 40th reunion?

Two years later, Time Magazine covered the now popular Chaparral TV show by previewing the episode 'Stinky Flanagan' with this review:

Friday, August 29, 1969: THE HIGH CHAPARRAL (NBC, 7:30-8:30 p.m.). A camel? In High Chaparral country? Right. A sweet-talking Irish cavalry trooper, played by Frank Gorshin, sells the four-footed version of the Brooklyn Bridge to Uncle Buck, claiming the animal is expert at cattle herding. Uncle Buck buys both the story and the camel —hoof, line and stinker.

Cataclysmic Cameron Mitchell

When he was in his 70's, Cameron Mitchell sat down to talk with Tom
Weaver, the author of Double Feature Creature Attack.

By that point in his career, Mitchell was the reigning horror and slasher flick king, had appeared in over 300 films and uncounted television episodes, and was still working. In this interview, he talks about his globe-trotting lifestyle ("I feel like Willie Lowman, because I'm always packing my suitcases. I don't think anybody's traveled more than I have.") , taste in films ("Many years ago, I liked every picture - and today, I don't like any!"), famous role in Carousel ("I'm no singer."), and encounters with out of the ordinary experiences ("I saw a flying saucer years ago, and I do believe in those things.").

Click here to read
Double Feature Creature Attack: The Cameron Mitchell Interview.

Mystery Ranch Hand

Photo from Bravo, Sept. 29, 1969
courtesy of Jan Lucas

Our mystery High Chaparral Actor is Henry Darrow.
The winning guess was made by Mary Osburn - congratulations, Mary!

The final vote count was:

Manolito Montoya/Henry Darrow – 1
John Cannon/Leif Erickson – 3
Buck Cannon/Cameron Mitchell – 4
Blue Cannon/Mark Slade – 1
Joe Butler/Bob Hoy -2
Sam Butler/Don Collier – 3
Reno/Ted Markland – 1
Ira Bean/Jerry Summers – 2

The Mystery Ranch Hand contest generated a lot of guesses and fun - thanks to all who participated!

Several of you thought the actor must be Cameron Mitchell because of the fancy footwear, while others were sure it was Leif Erickson - not a bad guess, as at one time he was called an 'Adonis' for his physique. I've put all your guesses in the Letters to the Editor section, so you can see how the voting went. Hope you have as much fun reading them as I did.

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