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The High Chaparral Reunion 2007 & 40th Anniversary Celebration

Dear High Chaparral Fans: 

Registration for The High Chaparral Reunion is picking up. If you haven't sent in your fees, keep in mind that registration and hotel rooms are limited for this special celebration and you don't want to miss it.

This issue of the newsletter contains the first part of a continuing series of questions and answers with High Chaparral producer Kent McCray, plus some rarely seen photos of Kent and executive producer David Dortort. Click on the photo of Susan McCray to hear her outstanding promo for the reunion. Many thanks to KSAV internet radio for featuring the promo on their station.

The High Chaparral
  2007 Reunion
August 17-19, 2007
 Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel
 Studio City, California

High Chaparral News

Henry Darrow (Manolito Montoya) will be appearing at the Cowboy Up! Festival on April 13 th and 14th in Melbourne, Florida at the Crescent J Ranch and Forever Florida. Go to for more information. Henry hopes to see you there!

Reservations are $45, and your remaining balance will be $145. Registration closes after August 1.

Payments must be made in U.S. dollars and can be made by: personal check, money order, or Paypal to

(Note that full payment is due by July 31, 2007. Your registration is non-refundable. Cancellations made before July 1 will be refunded in full, and a 50% refund will be given to cancellations made after July 1. Unfortunately, no refunds after
 August 1.)

This issue continues with reminisces of fans who have attended past Reunions. We asked: What was your favorite Reunion moment?

From Marian: I knew no-one, not attendees nor guests personally. I had to catch a flight home in the middle of the Reunion, just when things started to get good. Bob and Don were told of the situation, and they each jumped right in to get pictures with me so I could go home with a memory.  They were so warm and concerned about my flight leaving so soon. They each asked me about myself, etc., which is boring compared to them! I wanted to be able to ask them more, but couldn't. They were just generous and thoughtful with the time I had with them. I shall always remember how Bob said to call him 'Bob", as Mr. Hoy was his father!

Marian with Don Collier

Marian with Bob Hoy

Now Hear This

Susan McCray , host of Getting to Know You with Susan McCray on KSAV internet radio, has recorded a special promo for The High Chaparral Reunion. Click on Susan's photo to listen.

This week on Getting to Know You , Susan's special guest will be actor Greg Walcott. Greg appeared twice on The High Chaparral and attended the Reunion in 2005. Tune in April 10th at 6:30PM PST. 9:30 EST at

Greg Walcott in the episode
Auld Lang Syne"

Greg Walcott at the 2005
High Chaparral Reunion

Have you booked your room for the 2007 High Chaparral Reunion? Go to to learn more about the historic hotel where the event is held. To book your room, call the Sportsmen's Lodge Hotel at 1-800-821-8511 and ask for The High Chaparral rate, available until August 1.

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The High Chaparral Reunion website

Don Collier

Bob Hoy

Ted Markland

Susan McCray

Rudy Ramos

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Kent McCray, Destination Tucson
by Penny McQueen

The saga of John Cannon's struggle to build an empire in the harsh Arizona territory was an abstract idea when Kent McCray, producer, was introduced to The High Chaparral. Still deep in production for Bonanza, Kent was asked to consider a new pilot, one that would become the most authentic western series on television.    Kent explained, "The pilot script was being written by Denne Petticlerc at the same time we were shooting Bonanza."  

There was a three-part episode in the works for the venerable Bonanza, with a possible location at the historic Parker Ranch on Hawaii's Big Island.  As the home of the Hawaiian cowboy and covering 150,000 acres, the location promised impressive scenery including rugged volcanic ranges and lush green pastures. A scouting team of Bonanza  creative talent prepared to leave Los Angeles for Hawaii: Bill Claxton, Director; David Dortort, Producer; Haskell Boggs, Cinematographer; Fenton Coe, representing NBC, and Kent McCray, Producer.  Kent recalls, "Denne said he would have the pilot script for me on a given date, that was the day before we were to fly out to Hawaii.  I finally got the pilot script at midnight. At five in the morning I was up getting ready to go to the airport.  David Dortort called and said he wasn't feeling well and was not going to go to Hawaii, but the rest of us should go as planned."  

The early morning flight and little sleep didn't distract him. "I opened up my briefcase and took out the pilot script for Chaparral . I started to read it and was very excited about it. And as I finished a few pages I would pass it over to Bill Claxton. He would read it and pass it on to Haskell (Buzzy) Boggs, Buzzy in turn would pass it on to Fenton Coe. And by the time we arrived in Hawaii, we all said, what are we doing here? We should be preparing this wonderful script ofHigh Chaparral!"

Don Daves, left
David Dortort, center
Kent McCray, right


Don Daves was an assistant director on The High Chaparral 

David Dortort was the executive producer and creator of The High Chaparral

 Kent McCray was the producer of The High Chaparral


Meet them at The High Chaparral Reunion 2007! 

After surveying the Parker ranch and other island locations, filming the Cartwrights in Hawaii was judged to be too costly. They returned to Los Angeles, anxious to work on the new pilot. Kent remembers, "The High Chaparral was a great script to begin with, there were very little changes we had to make, the big decision was to decide what would work for locations." After scouting locations in and around  Arizona the decision was made. Kent recalls, "During the trip to Tucson, I made an agreement with Bob Shelton, to erect the exterior of the Chaparral set at Old Tucson." Always practical, the location appealed to him for two reasons. Cast and crew would shoot between Los Angeles and Arizona; the entire town set was convenient for production, as they could travel back and forth easily.  But his second reason is reminiscent of the ranch itself, guards standing on the roof and around the fence line.  "By having it on the Old Tucson location site, I knew it would be protected from any vandalism when we were not in and around Tucson."

Traveling by way of the Hawaiian islands, Kent McCray found the perfect spot for The High Chaparral .

David Dortort, left
Kent McCray, right
on location for The High Chaparral


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